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17th May 2024 - By Jaime Lang (Variety)

Filmax Nabs Global Rights to ‘The Light of Aisha,’ a CG Family Feature Showcasing Spain’s Rich Arab History (EXCLUSIVE)

Spanish sales, distribution, and production company Filmax has picked up international rights to the upcoming kids and family animated feature “The Light of Aisha” and is sharing the project with buyers at this year’s Marché du Film.

The CG-animated film tells the story of Aisha, a young girl living in XI-century Al-Andalus in the south of modern-day Spain. Born into a family of calligraphers, Aisha would much rather work as a pyrotechnic artist on the popular fireworks displays used to celebrate all manner of important occasions.

In addition to their roles as calligraphers, Aisha’s family also safeguards a legendary and dangerous book belonging to the caliph. When a visiting scientist offers to teach Aisha how to make the rocket of her dreams in exchange for the text, the temptation proves too much, and she agrees. When the book is discovered missing, Aisha’s father is blamed, and the girl must set out on an epic adventure to retrieve the text and clear her family’s name.

“The Light of Aisha” marks the feature debut of rising star director Shadi Adib, whose 2018 student short “Fuse” was a festival hit, playing in competition at some of the world’s most important animation events, including Annecy and Zagreb.

Xavier Romero and Llorenç Español penned the screenplay for “Aisha,” one of the first Spanish animated features to showcase Spain’s rich Arab history and a film with the potential to be a cultural touchstone for years to come.

“The Light of Aisha” is a Spain-Germany-Singapore co-production between Mago Production, Filmax, PBT Films and Sangnila. As a project, the film earned financial backing from government agencies ICEC, ICAA, MFG, Media and Eurimages, as well as the participation of Spanish broadcasters 3cat and RTVE.

Executive producers Peter Keydel and Raúl Berninches said of the film, “This production marks a milestone for our studio, combining innovations in animation with an international co-production structure with Spain, Germany and Singapore. With challenges like integrating ships, water and fireworks, the result is simply spectacular. ‘The Light of Aisha’ is more than just a film; it is a message of coexistence and mutual understanding, essential in our times”.

“This is a special project for us,” Filmax head of international Iván Diaz told Variety. “The quality of the animation is fantastic, and I believe it has great potential to do well in many international territories because the tale at the heart of the movie is universal.”

He explained that Filmax’s involvement in “The Light of Aisha” is part of a larger plan to become more invested in animation. “Animation has always played an important role in Filmax’s catalog. Right now, in terms of production, we’re really getting behind animation again,” he said.

In the past, the Barcelona-based company has backed ambitious local and international animated titles, including “Turu, the Wacky Hen,” the “El ratón Pérez” films and the visually stunning “Nocturna.” More recently, Filmax unveiled the Superthings franchise, which will include a two-season series and a feature film. 

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Filmax Nabs Global Rights to ‘The Light of Aisha,’ a CG Family Feature Showcasing Spain’s Rich Arab History (EXCLUSIVE)

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