At Filmax, we believe that the film industry is for the brave. The brave producers and distributors, who put all their hopes and energy into each project. The brave scriptwriters, actors, composers... And all those people who make up each film and who put their work and themselves out there and on the line continuously. The brave movie exhibitors, TV channels and all those who show these films to the world. And the brave audiences, who are open to submerging themselves in unknown stories and new emotions.

Based in Barcelona, Filmax is one of the most important audiovisual companies in Spain. The company, which provides development, production, distribution, exhibition and international sales, responds fully to the business opportunities within the European and international entertainment sectors.

International Sales

In its role as an International Sales Agency, Filmax is strongly positioned within the film industry, handling the international distribution and sales of all movies produced by the Filmax group, including the smash hits DARKNESS, THE MACHINIST and the [REC] saga, to name just a few. Filmax's most recent in-house productions include the psychological thriller CROSS THE LINE, starred by Mario Casas and directed by David Victori.

Filmax's International Catalogue also includes a wide range of high quality products from other production companies: award winning movies such as TRUMAN and BETWEEN TWO WATERS, box office hits such as I CAN QUIT WHENEVER I WANT, powerful Spanish thrillers like THE SILENT WAR, and animated movies for family audiences such as TURU, THE WACKY HEN.

Furthermore, in recent years Filmax has also branched out into the TV market, with acclaimed series such as THE RED BAND SOCIETY, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.