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13th Jul 2020 - By Tom Grater & Andreas Wiseman (Deadline)

Spanish Horror Hit ‘[REC]’ Gets 4DX Re-Release To Boost Local Cinema (Exclusive)

[REC], the 2007 Spanish found-footage horror movie that grossed $32.5M off a minimal budget, is getting a special re-release in the 4DX format, becoming the first Spanish non-CGI title to be adapted into the technology.

4DX, originally developed by South Korean company CJ, augments a film experience with practical effects such as motion seats, wind, strobe light and scents. The [REC] re-release is taking place initially at Cines Filmax Gran Via in Barcelona, where it is coinciding with the inauguration of the venue’s second 4DX screen, which opened for business this past weekend.

Spanish cinemas have tentatively been getting back to business. Following the lockdown, sites began to re-open in late May with reduced capacity in certain areas. In Barcelona, this is the third weekend of the gradual resumption. But the film slate continues to look thin.

To support the re-openings, Spain’s federation of cinemas and distributors joined forces to launch a publicity campaign to attract audiences back, with titles on offer ranging from successful films from the last few years, such as Parasite and Disney’s Onward, and classics, such as Cinema Paradiso and The Shawshank Redemption. There have been a lack of fresh releases, however, with only a few new Spanish titles on offer, so the [REC] release is a boost to venues with 4DX technology. The movie will also be available for international clients.

Spanish company Filmax, which alongside operating cinemas also has distribution, sales and productions wings and produced [REC], said the 4DX release had clocked in at four times higher than the national average per screen this weekend.

First released in 2007, [REC] won numerous accolades including two Spanish Academy Awards and racked up 1.4 million viewers in its home country, before being rolled out in more than 30 territories. It follows a young TV reporter who goes to cover a story about a crew of firemen on duty. What seems to be a routine job soon turns in hell, with those inside the building becoming trapped. The film has also spawned three sequels to date.

“I’m so thrilled to know that both old and new fans of [REC] will be able to see the film in such a special format,” said co-director Jaume Balagueró on the re-release. “The experience will be so powerful, that it will be like watching [REC] for the first time all over again!”

“[REC] has been one of the company’s greatest hits and an extremely important source of business for Filmax, becoming one of the most well-known international brands within the European independent film genre and solidifying Jaume and Paco [Plaza]’s reputations as top directors. It’s fantastic to see how this film, that has already brought us so much joy, can now have another life thanks to the 4DX format”, added Ivan Diaz, Head of International at Filmax.

Filmax’s CEO, Carlos Fernández, added, “With the release of [REC] in 4DX, we are giving the viewers the chance to relive, in first person, the experience of our protagonist, Angela Vidal. It’s a unique experience that only 4DX can provide. We’re sure that with this new format, the film will be even more frightening than before. It’s going to be a totally new experience for the audience.”

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Spanish Horror Hit ‘[REC]’ Gets 4DX Re-Release To Boost Local Cinema (Exclusive)

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