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28th Nov 2023 - By Anna Marie de la Fuente (Variety)

Filmax Unveils Teaser for Animated Feature, ‘Robotia’

Leading Barcelona-based indie studio Filmax has unveiled the teaser for its soccer-themed 3D animated feature “Robotia” ahead of its Nov. 29 presentation at Ventana Sur’s Animation! buyers showcase.

In “Robotia,” machines that are interconnected through recycled parts, live, dream, learn and play together. Young Alex and Bibi, unaware of their shared origins, face different situations. Alex has a damaged foot; Bibi, made from the same parts, enjoys a privileged life. Despite parental objections, Bibi secretly plays soccer with Alex and their friends. When discovered, Bibi is forbidden to play, but the gang isn’t keen to lose, not only one of their best players, but also one of their best friends. Alex poses as a gym teacher and finds out that all the girls in her class, not just Bibi, love soccer. Together, they defy expectations, showcasing their abilities and teaching valuable lessons to their naysayers.

Debuting exclusively in Variety, the roughly 50-second teaser opens in a futuristic city where its denizens are all robots. Alex’s father admonishes him, telling him that Bibi will “never be one of yours.” Meanwhile, an unhappy Bibi is having dinner with her parents in their elegant home. Alex disguises himself as an adult gym teacher to turn things around.

Diego Cagide and Diego Lucero directed the toon based on a script co-written by Mariano Alejandro Rojo and Beatriz Iso.

“Robotia’ is a Spanish-Argentinean co-production between Malabar Prods. (“Minimalitos”), Argentina, Dibulitoon Studio (“Yoko”), Spain and in association with Tropics Creative, Costa Rica.

“We always like to have animated films in our catalog. ‘Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World’ is a film that worked well for us in terms of sales and so we are delighted to be back working with Jone Landaluze, from Dibulitoon Studio, and excited to also have Malabar Producciones on board with this project,” said Ivan Diaz, head of international at Filmax, when announcing the title. 

“This Argentinean animation, which brings us a brilliant mix of robots and football, is extremely commercial, highly entertaining, and great fun for all the family.”

Backed by Argentine film institute INCAA, film-TV support program Ibermedia, Mecenazgo, Animar, and the Basque Government, “Robotia” was presented by Filmax at this year’s Marché du Film in Cannes. Prior to this, it actively participated in the Quirino Awards’ Coproduction Forum, collecting various international project development awards. Notably, it secured the prestigious award for Best Project in Development from Ibermedia.

“Robotia” will be ready by mid-2024.

In early November, Filmax, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, boarded “The Monster of Many Noses” (“L’home dels lassos”), the feature debut of Barcelona-based female director, Abigail Schaaff. The movie, which blends fantasy and local mythology, was written by Eric Moral and producer Nuria Velasco, creators of TV3 series, “Buga Buga”

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Filmax Unveils Teaser for Animated Feature, ‘Robotia’

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