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13th Mar 2023 - By Ed Meza (Variety)

Filmax Takes International Rights to WWII Resistance Drama ‘Ashes in the Sky’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Filmax has acquired international rights to “Ashes in the Sky,” the first narrative feature from director Miquel Romans.

The film is inspired by the life of Neus Català, a feminist and republican who, after fighting in the Spanish Civil War, was captured by the Nazis and sent into forced labor at a weapons factory in Czechoslovakia.

There she became the head of an anti-fascist group of women known as the Gandulas Commando, which resisted the Nazis by sabotaging the factory.

The film, based on the book of the same name by Carme Martí, stars Nausicaa Bonnín (“Dating in Barcelona”), Rachel Lascar (“Elite”), Iria del Río (“Visitor”), Thomas Sauerteig, Daniel Horvath (“The Burning Cold”), Fernando Corral, Laura Conejero, Roger Batalla, Natascha Wiese and Joaquín Caserza.

“Ashes in the Sky” is produced by Comando Gandules AIE, Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, Principal 2 Films, TV3, Zteady Pictures and Aragón TV.

The film shot in the Spanish regions of Aragon and Catalonia, including locations near the cities of Teruel, Sabadell and Terrassa.

Romans, who is also producing the film, said, “‘Ashes in the Sky’ is a necessary film. Even though it is set during the Second World War, it is filled with light, strength and hope, and I don’t believe it will leave anyone indifferent.

“After reading the book and finding out more about the inspirational life of Neus Català, I decided that this story about a group of resilient women with a dream deserved to be depicted on the big screen as a kind of homage to their memory and to their unyielding fight against fascism and for human dignity.”

Ivan Diaz, head of international at Barcelona-based Filmax, added, “It is extremely exciting to be able to work with a film that is dedicated to the memory of such an important figure as Neus Català, who fought so tirelessly for justice and freedom. Commercially, there is always great interest in films about the Second World War, both among buyers and the public, and we are excited to be able to bring this inspirational story to young audiences around the world. It is clear that the film has been shot with a lot of care and attention to detail and the performances, especially that of Nausicaa Bonnín, are spectacular.”

Filmax will be presenting the trailer to international buyers at the Malaga Festival.

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Filmax Takes International Rights to WWII Resistance Drama ‘Ashes in the Sky’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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