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16th Feb 2024 - By Callum McLennan (Variety)

Filmax Secures ‘My Friend Eva,’ From ‘Truman’ Director Cesc Gay (EXCLUSIVE)

Filmax has taken global distribution rights for “My Friend Eva,” the latest from Spanish director Cesc Gay whose ‘Truman’ proved a notable hit overseas, scoring substantial theatrical returns in several territories. 

Set against the backdrops of Barcelona and Rome, this romantic comedy boasts Nora Navas (“Libertad”) Juan Diego Botto (“The Suicide Squad”) and Rodrigo de la Serna (“Money Heist”).

The film marks the ninth collaboration between Gay and producer Marta Esteban of Imposible Films, dating back to Gay’s breakout “Nico and Dani” and taking in “Truman.”

The new film turns on Eva, 50, a married woman on the quest for passion whose life takes a dramatic turn after a serendipitous encounter in Rome. She remembers what it feels like to fall in love again. This rekindling of passion propels her to rediscover love, challenging and changing her existing life.

Gay characterized the film as a comedy of serious intent. It is “filled with misunderstandings, doubts, unexpected lies, absurd moments and ridiculous situations. Because that’s what happens when our emotions get the better of us and, in some way, take the reins of our lives, making the decisions that we ourselves don’t dare to make,” he said.

“Presenting one of Cesc’s films is always an event and he’s a director who’s given us so much success in the past,” remarked Ivan Díaz, Filmax head of international. 

“We are very proud to be presenting ‘My Friend Eva’ in Berlin with the script and in Cannes, buyers will be able to see the first images of the film,” Díaz added.

“Cesc Gay’s films serve as a way to explain many things about his generation and this time, he’s chosen to do it with a wonderful female character. His characters are always urban, interesting, real, entertaining and easy to relate to and his dialogues, always sublimely intelligent,” Díaz said.

Filmax’s strategy to showcase the script at Berlin and reveal more in Cannes underlines the company’s confidence in the film’s potential to grow appeal to international audiences.

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Filmax Secures ‘My Friend Eva,’ From ‘Truman’ Director Cesc Gay (EXCLUSIVE)

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