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30th Nov 2023 - By Filmax

Filmax gets 9 nominations for the 2024 Goya Awards

"THE TEACHER WHO PROMISED THE SEA", "ANDREA'S LOVE", "MAMACRUZ", "THE CHAPEL" and "WHILE YOU'RE STILL YOU", have been recognized with several nominations at the Goya Awards 2024 granted by the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The awards ceremony will take place February 10 2024 in Valladolid.


Best Leading Actor for Enric Auquer
Best Supporting Actress for Luisa Gavasa
Best Original Score for Natasha Arizu
Best Adapted Screenplay for Albert Val
Best Costume Design for Maria Armengol

"EL AMOR DE ANDREA" | 1 nomination

Best Original Song for Álvaro B. Baglietto, David García, Guille Galván, Jorge González, Juan Pedro Martín "Pucho", Juanma Latorre and Valeria Castro.

"MAMACRUZ" | 1 nomination

Best Editing for Fátima de los Santos

"THE CHAPEL" | 1 nomination

Best Special Effects for Eneritz Zapiain and Iñaki Gil "Ketxu"

"WHILE YOU'RE STILL YOU" | 1 nomination

Best documentary film


Filmax gets 9 nominations for the 2024 Goya Awards

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